Miniature Horse Space Requirements

Backyard Friends and State Law

Although many horse owners choose minis as companion animals for their full-size horses, some owners choose minis due to their smaller space requirements.


Stall Requirements

Most miniature horses, although significantly smaller than standard horses, use standard stalls. A standard stall is typically a 12’x12′, some smaller sizes are 10’x10′. 

Pasture Requirements

Pasture requirements are vastly different for minis! Whether a companion animal for a large horse or a hobby farm addition on small acreage, minis are a great option if space ...

Many people with larger yard sizes in suburban areas ask about keeping miniature horses in their backyard.

Backyard Friends and State Law

Full-Size Horse Comparison – How Much Space Does a Miniature Horse Need?

Although three minis can comfortably live on one-acre, full-size horses require significantly more space.

Variables that Affect Mini horse’s Space Requirements

Again, several factors can affect a miniature horse’s space requirements. Young frisky horses with lots of playtime and movement will do better ...

Although minis are fun and far easier to keep on smaller land, it is important to remember they are still horses. Their needs and wants are the same as full-sized horses.


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