Can You Ride A Miniature Horse?

Weight Limits & Considerations 

Miniature horses, or “minis”, are an adorable addition to a herd. In fact, many horse owners use minis as a company for their large horses but do not opt to ride them.


Weight Capacity

Riding a horse is not actually a natural movement for the animal. In fact, a horse’s spine is relatively weak in comparison to the bones and muscles affected by pulling or driving.

Pulling Capacity

Although the recommended weight capacity for riding is only 20%, driving is completely different. A horse’s natural conformation makes the animal ideal for pulling. 

Full-Size Horse Comparison

Although much larger in size, spine, ligament, tendon, and muscle structure does not change depending on the size of the horse. 

Considerations For How Much Weight A Min Horse Can Carry

There are many additional factors that may impact the amount of weight a miniature horse can handle.

Although minis are great for small ones or visiting grandkids, most adults simply weigh too much to ride minis. Luckily, driving has remained a popular option for miniature horses, allowing adults the opportunity to interact with their minis.


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