How Often Should I Ride My Horse?

It is a burning question that is often a topic of hot debate between horse owners – how often should I ride my horse? Do you have to ride every day, or is this not necessary?


How Often Should I Ride My Horse?

Many people have put off the idea of getting a horse because they think they won’t have the time to ride every day.

How Often Should I Ride My Horse To Get Fit?

Riding horses can be a great way to boost your physical fitness, as well as being very enjoyable and good for mental health and well-being too. 

How Often Should I Ride My Horse In The Summer?

The summer months are when we really get the most enjoyment out of owning horses – the longer days and better weather mean that it is much easier to find time to ride your horse.

How Often Should I Ride My Horse In The Winter?

If you have somewhere suitable to ride, you can ride your horse as often as you want in the winter.

However, treacherous terrain such as ice can make this difficult, and many horse owners opt to rest their horses over winter.

So, as we have learned, horses need exercise in some form every day, but they do not need to be ridden daily. The amount of ridden exercise a horse gets should be matched to its age and fitness levels. 


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