How Old Is The Oldest Horse In The World?

How old is the oldest horse in the world, a common question that comes up when discussing the life span of these majestic creatures, let’s find out? Horses touch our hearts, similar to dogs.


Horse Life Span

Before we introduce you to some of the oldest horses in the world, we will look at the average life span of the horse. Good care and management can affect how long a horse lives, ...

How Old Is Oldest Horse On Record In The World

While it is impossible to know for certain who the oldest horse to ever live is, there are some verifiable records. According to the Guinness Book of ...

Oldest Pony In The World

It isn’t just horses that make the list for the oldest horses in the world, some ponies also exceed the average equine life span. Sugar Puff, a resident of Sussex, England ...

How To Help Your Horse Live A Long Comfortable Life

While exceptions always apply when a horse is sick, and there is nothing to fix it, good care impacts its life span. Good food throughout the ...

Like people, some horses defy the odds to live to ages much older than the average. While old horses live all over the world, it seems many horses in the United Kingdom reach the oldest status.


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