When Is A Horse  Too Old To Ride?

When To Retire

Every owner wants their horses to be able to live out their golden years comfortably and happily.  But, it’s hard to know when the “golden years” should start.


Age a Horse Can Be Ridden

Most horses can be ridden for the majority of their lives.  Horses are typically started under saddle between 4 and 5 years old.  And, if all goes well...

How Long Can You Ride A Horse

Accidents aside, the length of time that a horse can be ridden often depends on the intensity of training and riding it experiences throughout its lifetime.

As Dr. Gray from SmartPak says in her video about when to retire senior horses, there is no magic number.  There is no...

How Old Is Too Old To Ride A Horse

When To Retire

First and foremost, you must know your horse; what he likes, what he doesn’t like, what he is accustomed to, and what would be out of the ordinary for him. 

Helpful Practices

There are many things that can be done in order to preserve or maintain your senior horse in order to extend your riding years further into his life.

* Vet Checks Always, always make sure your horse is having routine vet checks.

* Supplements/Feed

* Turnout

It can be very difficult to choose to stop riding your senior horse.  But, if you listen and pay close attention, your horse will tell you when it is time.  


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