How Quickly Can A Horse Founder On Grass?

Just about every horse owner, especially those with older horses, has wondered, how quickly can a horse founder on grass? A founder can be a serious illness, but it is preventable and treatable.


How Quickly Can a Horse Founder on Grass?

Founder is the result of the destruction of the blood-rich laminae that connects the hoof to the soft tissue of the foot on the horse. It most commonly ...

Symptoms of Founder

One of the most common symptoms of founder is heat in the hoof. Horses will often shift their weight while standing in order to avoid standing on their lame hoof. In addition, ...

The Rate at which Grass Can Cause Horses to Founder

Within just a few hours of eating fresh, spring grass, a horse can founder. For horses that are already prone to founder, their time on grass ...

Ways to Prevent Founder

You can turn your horse out on a dry lot to prevent them from foundering. Grazing muzzles can also help prevent a horse from eating too much fresh grass. Be certain to ...

Grass founder commonly occurs on fresh grass and can cause serious issues for horses if it is not treated in time. However, limiting your horse turnout on grass at the beginning of spring to just a few hours can prevent founder from happening.


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