How To Adopt A Mustang

Sadly, hundreds of Mustangs are rounded-up each year and forced into small pens. Knowing how to adopt a Mustang can give them a fresh start and a wonderful forever home.


Different Options To Adopt A Mustang

When it comes to adopting a Mustang, there are different options available. No matter how you adopt your Mustang, whether, through a non-profit rescue or the ...

What To Consider Before Adopting

Every adoption agency for Mustangs has requirements that must be meant in order for you to adopt a horse. Before you adopt a Mustang, you must consider what you are ...

What To Consider After Adopting

Once you choose to adopt a horse, you need to make sure that you have the time, money, and dedication the Mustang deserves. Whether you adopt a Mustang with no ...

Non-Profit Organizations And Rescue Groups

There are several non-profit organizations and rescue groups that have Mustangs available for adoption to qualified homes. Many of these ...

* Strawberry Mountain Rescue & Rehabilitation Center

* Ever After Mustang Rescue

* Wild Horse Rescue Center

Adopting a Mustang is a great way to own part of American history. These magnificent animals deserve to be given a home where they will have care, love, and respect. 


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