How To Do A Running Braid Mane On Your Horse

The running braid mane is a simple and effective way to keep a long and unruly mane under control. Whether you’re making your horse look his best for the show ring, or want to keep him cool on a hot day.


Why Use A Running Braid On Your Horse?

Traditionally, horses have been braided for many years. As with most things, braiding started for practical reasons, but then evolved into something done to improve the appearance of the horse. 

How To Do A Running Braid Mane

Start your running braid plait at the poll of the horse, just behind the horse’s ears. Take a section of hair approximately two inches long and divide this into three sections.

So, as we have learned, a running braid mane on a horse is a single plait that runs down the neck, incorporating sections of the mane as it goes. This is a great way to keep a long mane under control and also prevent sweat from building up under the mane. 


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