How To Flush A Horses Eye

In a medical emergency, there are some skills we should all learn, and how to flush a horses eye is one of them.


Why Should You Flush A Horses Eye?

The eye of a horse is a sensitive and very complex part of its anatomy.

When To Flush Horses Eye

So, when might you need to flush a horse’s eye? Sometimes your veterinarian may advise you to flush the eyes ...

What To Use To Flush A Horses Eye

There is one golden rule when it comes to horses’ eyes, and that is to keep germs at bay!

How To Flush A Horses Eye

To flush your horses eye, you will need a way of squirting the eyewash into the eye, whilst also holding the eye open and keeping the horse’s head still. 


A horse's eye can water for many different reason. 

What Makes A Horse's Eye Water?

Water can be used to wipe around a horse's eye, to remove dirt and discharge.

Can You Flush A Horses Eye With Water?

Saline solution can be made by boiling salt in water, or by dissolving salt in distilled water.

How Do You Make Saline Solution For Horses Eyes?

You should never put any eye drops in your horse's eyes that have ...

Can You Put Human Eye Drops In Horses Eyes?

So, as we have learned, finding the best way how to flush a horses eye is not always easy! You may need two people for this job, one to hold the horses head still, and the other to flush the sterile saline or eyewash into the horses eye. 


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