How To Get A Horse Hard?

If you ask my daughter how much it costs to feed her pony she will answer you with gusto: “Thirteen Dollars!” she declares proudly. Wouldn’t that be nice? So how much does it actually cost to feed a horse?


“Catching a horse” is the term used for when you are trying to get your horse hard. This can be done by catching your horse, or by being caught by your horse. Read more in detail here: catching a horse.

There are many ways to bond with a horse, but the most important thing is to be patient. Patience will allow you to establish trust and gain their respect. Reference: how to make a bond with a horse.

When you're trying to get your horse to work hard, you're "catching a horse." This can be accomplished by either catching your horse or being caught by your horse. More information on catching a horse can be found here: catching a horse.


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