How To Heat A Barn In Winter

Winter is just around the corner. As the daylight decreases and winter coats begin to grow, many owners become interested in how to heat a barn in the winter. But in reality, most horses do not require a heated barn. 


Optimal Temperature

Heat should only be used supplementally in barns, and only with plenty of ventilation. Although there has been minimal conclusive research to determine the “detrimental” amount of heat and humidity, there is an optimal temperature range.


Heating a barn, or climate control in general, can cause many problems if not carried out properly. Incorrect heating can result in respiratory issues.

How To Heat A Barn In Winter- Methods

Forced Air Heater: These push out warmth. Insulation: can take just the chill out of a barn. Radiant Heaters: heaters tend to be a lower fire hazard and create heat through infrared radiation.

Heaters can be a great addition, especially for human comfort during stall cleaning or grooming. For the safety and health of the animal, it is ideal to keep these heaters in specific areas and only turned on while actively in-use, such as in a grooming rack.


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