How To Measure For A Horse Blanket

Buying a new blanket for your horse can be a tricky business, with so many types and sizes of blankets available. Let’s find out how to measure for a horse blanket, and how to choose the right one for your horse!


Why Do Horses Need Blankets?

Most horses owners have a range of different blankets for horses, but have you ever wondered why horses need blankets? 

How Do You Measure For A Horse Blanket?

A horse blanket is measured by taking the length of the blanket, running from the front to the back of the horse.

What Types Of Blankets Do Horses Need?

You might be wondering if your horse needs just one blanket, or if he needs a whole wardrobe?

What Happens If Your Horse Has The Wrong Size Blanket?

If your horse has the wrong size blanket, it can cause problems for your horse. 


There is no real average size horse blanket, as horses come in many shapes and sizes! 

What Is The Average Size Horse Blanket?

Signs that a horse is feeling chilly include shivering, which means the horse is much too cold. 

How Do I Know If My Horse Is Too Cold?

The weight of blanket depends on the type of horse and weather conditions.

How Heavy Of A Blanket Should I Get For My Horse?

The 'D' stands for Denier, which is the thickness of the weave on a waterproof horse blanket. 

What Does 1200D Mean In Horse Blankets?

So, as we have learned, the best way to measure for a horse blanket is by measuring the distance from the horse’s chest to the tail. It is important to get the correct size blanket for your horse to prevent the blanket from slipping or rubbing your horse’s coat. 


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