How To Measure The Height Of A Horse?

When it comes to horses, measuring their height accurately is very important! But why do we need to know how high a horse is, and what is the best way to measure the height of a horse?


Why Does Horse Height Matter?

When you see a horse advertised for sale, you will notice that it will be described by its age, gender, color, breed, and height. But why do we need to know the height ...

Why Is Measuring Horses Done In Hands

While the height of humans is measured in feet and inches, or meters and centimeters, horses are measured in units called hands! This is an ancient method of ...

How To Measure A Horse

To measure the height of a horse, we firstly need an accurate and standardized point to measure. If we measured the height of a horse’s head it would be different every time, ...

Alternative Horse Height Methods

So, if you have a measuring stick at your barn, it is relatively easy to measure your horse. However, in some circumstances, you may want to measure a horse without ...

So, as we have learned, the height of a horse is measured in hands and inches. The measurement is taken at the withers, which is the section of the spine directly above the forelegs. 


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