How To Soften A Stiff Lasso Rope

If you ever compete in a roping event at a rodeo or work on a cattle ranch, you will want to know how to soften a lasso rope. Lasso ropes, which are also called lariats, can easily become stiff and difficult to use.


How to Soften a Stiff Lasso Rope

Whether you are working cattle, competing in a roping competition, or performing trick roping, you want to make sure your rope is supple and durable...

Test out Your Rope

When you first get a new rope, you want to test it out to get a feel for it. Some ropes will be stiffer than others when you first get them. By trying it out when it first comes...

Stretch Your Rope Out to Improve Flexibility

If your lasso rope is feeling stiff, stretching it out is key to improve its flexibility. Once it has stretched out some, it will be much easier to use.  

If your rope is still feeling stiff, you can apply baby powder to help with grip.

Use Powder if Needed

Use Your Rope Regularly

It is important to use your lasso rope regularly to keep it soft and supple. If your lasso is sitting around not getting used...

Properly Store Your Rope

Keeping your lariat properly stored is key to keeping it softened...

With the proper stretching, powder, and storage, you can soften your lasso rope. A lasso rope that has been softened is much easier to use than a new stiff one.


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