­­­­How to Treat Rain Rot on Horses

According to popular belief, the best time to set our horses into the pastures is when the weather becomes warm and sunny or when there is a little dewy outside, Right? Unfortunately, those are the conditions when rain rot in horses most commonly appears.


How Rain Rot in Horses Happens

With a name like rain rot, it is no surprise that the disease originates from your horse being out in the rain. 

Rain Rot in Horses: Diagnosis

Equisearch says that rain rot on horses begins as multiple small bumps/scabs, which can spread and grow together to form large patches.

The legions that form from rain rot causes the skin beneath them to die, succinctly, making your horse’s skin very itchy.

Rain Rot Treatment For Horses

The goal of treating this disease is to attack its root cause, which in this case is the bacteria. With the skin scabbed over, sometimes medication can help with the appearance of the problem, but won’t actually be able to cure it.


According to Horse & Rider contributing editor and veterinarian Karen Hayes, home remedies can sometimes help a rain rot on horses, but oftentimes, it can make the problem worse.

Home Treatment

In addition to the medication used to treat rain rot on horses, there are additional steps you can take at home to improve the process.

Prevent Rain Rot if You Can! If Not, Treat it Immediately Now that you know what rain rot on horses is, what it looks like, how to treat it and how to prevent it, you should feel confident in caring for your horse.


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