How To Wear Spurs – Everything You Need To Know About Using Spurs On Your Horse!

Spurs are a useful training aid for horses but need to be used in the correct way to be effective. If you’ve ever wondered how to wear spurs, we’ve got everything you need to know right here!


What Are Spurs?

A spur is a piece of metal that is attached to the back of the heel of the boot. They are normally attached using a leather or webbing strap.

Are There Different Types Of Spurs?

There are many different types of spurs, and they are used in both English and Western styles of riding. 

How To Wear Spurs On Boots

The way in which spurs are worn will be slightly different according to the type of spur and whether you are riding in traditional or Western cowboy boots. 


Spurs should be worn with the metal shank pointed slightly downwards. 

Which Way Up Do Spurs Go?

Spurs should be worn so that they sit just above the spur ledge on the back of the boots.

How Do You Properly Wear Spurs?

Spurs can be useful for a lazy horse, but they are not a substitute for proper training and schooling.

Are Spurs Good For A Lazy Horse?

So, as we have learned, the correct way to wear spurs is with the heel band sitting just above the spur wedge on your boots. The point of the spur should be angled downwards, to avoid the risk of injury to the horse.


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