How To Raise A Horse – Horse Care Explained!

If you’re thinking of buying your first horse, or interested in getting a foal, you will want to know more about how to raise a horse.


Basic Horse Care Requirements

Horses, like any animal, have basic needs that must be met in order to maintain their welfare. In some countries, it is a requirement by law that these needs are met.

Accommodation, Shelter, And Companionship

Horses are a social species, that evolved to live in groups or herds. They are prey animals, so their natural instincts will prefer to live in large, open ...


It seems pretty obvious that all horses need food to survive and thrive, but it is the responsibility of the horse owner or carer to make sure that the right food is provided, and it is fed in ...


Horses must have access to clean, fresh drinking water at all times. If the horse cannot access water, he will become dehydrated. He may also drink a large quantity of water when it is next ...

By law, a horse owner or carer must take every possible step to prevent ill health and suffering.

Freedom From Discomfort, Pain, Suffering, And Disease

So, as we have discovered, when figuring out how to raise a horse there are many factors to take into consideration. You will need to ensure that your horse has access to food, water, and shelter.


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