Is Grass Low In Protein? Horse Grazing Nutrition Explained!

Is grass low in protein or high? What about carbohydrates and sugars? Let’s find out!


What Nutrients Does Grass Contain?

Horses can survive by eating a diet that consists entirely of grass, but many of us never stop to thing about what is in our horses pasture land.

Is Grass Low In Protein?

The protein content of grass will vary widely according to the time of year and stage of growth. Young grass that is growing rapidly in warm spring weather will contain high levels of protein

Is Hay Low In Protein?

The protein level of hay will vary according to the type of grass it is made from, and when it has been cut. Hay made mainly from grasses normally contains between 8-14% protein.

Why Do Horses Need Protein? 

Protein is essential for horses as it is the key nutrient required to build, repair, and maintain body tissues. Every single cell within the body contains protein

All types of grass eaten by horses contain protein, but the amount fluctuates according to the quality of the grass, the weather conditions, and the time of year.


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