Is Horse Jumping Cruel? Horse Jumping Facts Revealed!

Horse jumping is an equestrian sport enjoyed by riders all around the world. But what about the horse – do horses enjoy jumping, or is horse jumping cruel?


What Is Horse Jumping?

Horse jumping is an equestrian sport where the horse carries the rider over obstacles. 

Do Horses Jump In The Wild? – Is Horse Jumping Cruel?

In the wild, horses will not actively seek out jumps to jump over, but they will jump obstacles that are in their way. 

Do Horses Like Jumping?

Many horses enjoy jumping and will get very excited when entering a jumping arena. 

Is Horse Jumping Cruel?

Horse jumping is not cruel, but it is the responsibility ... 

The Age Of The Horse – Is Horse Jumping Cruel?

Young horses are much more susceptible to injury, as their musculoskeletal system has not fully developed.

Training The Horse Correctly

The horse must feel safe and confident to jump, and careful training is the key to this.

Terrain And Type Of Jump

Making a horse jump over obstacles that are located on rough or hard ground can be cruel, as it puts the horse at a high risk of injury. 


Most horses enjoy being ridden, as long as they are able to trust their rider ...

Do Horses Like Being Ridden?

A small horse jump feels like an elevated canter stride, with the horse suspended in the air slightly longer than normal. 

What Does Horse Jumping Feel Like?

Horses normally refuse to jump because there is something they are unsure about, or they are in pain. 

Why Do Horses Refuse To Jump?

A 20 year old horse can jump as long as it is not suffering from any form of injury or lameness.

Can A 20 Year Old Horse Jump?

So, as we have learned, horse jumping is an equestrian sport where the horse carries the rider over obstacles. There are many different types of horse jumping, over different types and heights of obstacles. 


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