Find Out If Heartland Is A Real Ranch 

& If You Can Visit It

Heartland is one of the biggest equine TV success stories of the modern-day. Now in its fifteenth season, this wholesome family drama has had many of us hooked right from the start! 


What Is Heartland About?

Heartland is a Canadian comedy-drama series. First launched in 2007, Heartland is now on its fifteenth season and still going strong. 

Is Heartland A Real Ranch?

The original Heartland books were actually based 2000 miles south of Canada, in rural Virginia! The books themselves were not based on a real ranch.

Where Was Heartland Filmed?

Heartland is a small-town series, based on a fictional town called Hudson. The locations used for Heartland are stunning and beloved by fans around the world.

Where Is The Heartland Ranch?

 As with most TV series, the locations used are scattered across a wide area. The Millarville ranch is the location most would associate with the Heartland Ranch.

Can I Visit Heartland?

The Canadian tourist board has cottoned on to the popularity of Heartland, so you can take in the sights of where Heartland was based. 

Heartland Floods

In 2013, the town of High River was swept by a huge flood which caused enormous amounts of damage. The stars, crew, and production staff of Heartland were saddened  . . .

Although there is not a real Heartland ranch, the story itself closely follows the location first outlined in the books. 


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