Keeping A Horse In A Stable – Everything You Need To Know!

Whether it is best to keep a horse in a stable or in a field is a big debate between horse owners!


Why Keep A Horse In A Stable?

There are many reasons why horses are kept in stables. The main advantage is that it protects the horse from bad weather ...

Stable Vs Paddock – Which Is Best For Horses?

If you gave a horse the free choice of where it lived, most horses would prefer to spend most of their time out in a paddock.

How To Keep A Horse In A Stable Happy And Healthy

Whether you’re keeping your horse in a stable out of convenience, or because you are unable to turn him out in the paddock ...

So, as we have learned, there are some very good reasons why horses might be kept in stables, but this living arrangement is not always ideal for all horses. 


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