Kissing Spine In Horses -What Is This Bump?

Around the barn or out and about in the horse community there is a good chance that the term Kissing Spine or Hunter Bump has been mentioned.


How Does the Kissing Spine in Horses Develop?

Horses that develop kissing spine receive a positive diagnosis of the condition between the ages of five to ten, but can develop at any age, younger or ...

What Causes Kissing Spine?

Thoroughbreds, warmbloods, and performance horses tend to be diagnosed with kissing spines more than others. A poorly fitting saddle, improper ...

Horses with mild development of the kissing spine usually do not show any signs of it being present.

Signs of Kissing Spine In Horses


Diagnosing kissing spines can be a challenge. Some of the kissing spine signs are difficult to determine if they are from a behavioral or training issue, an unrelated medical ...

Treatment For Kissing Spine

The most important part of treating kissing spine is to make the horse feel as comfortable as possible. The purpose of the treatment is to create a significant amount of ...

All forms of back pain are generally difficult to diagnose and find issues that are causing the pain. The assessment is drawn from any type of imaging along with visual signs, and examination of the horse.


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