Leopard Appaloosa Spotted Horses Explained

Spotted horses have been popular for thousands of years, but how does this unusual coat color occur? Let’s find out all about leopard Appaloosa markings!


What Is A Leopard Appaloosa?

A leopard Appaloosa is a horse that has a very distinctive set of coat markings. 

Is Appaloosa A Breed Or Color Of Horse?

This is something that many horse lovers get confused about – are all spotted horses Appaloosa? And are all Appaloosa horses spotted?

What Breeds Of Horse Are Spotted?

So, if a horse has spotted coat markings does this mean it is an Appaloosa? No, not at all!

How Do You Get A Leopard Spotted Appaloosa?

To understand how full leopard spotting occurs, we need to learn about the basics of horse color genetics.

The spots on a leopard Appaloosa are patches of hair that have ...

What Color Spots Do Appaloosa Leopard Horses Have?

So, as we have learned, a leopard spotted Appaloosa can be identified by its white body and darker colored spots. 


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