Medieval Courser Horse

Have you ever wondered what types of horses were used in Medieval times? Was a Medieval courser horse used for battle, or on farms? Or did they have another purpose?


What Is A Courser Horse?

1. Courser 2. Destrier 3. Palfrey 4. Rouncy


Courser-type horses were bred for speed and stamina. It is thought that they were descended from hot-blooded breeds such as the Arabian, Turkish, and Barb horses...


Due to their rarity and exotic bloodlines, courser horses were very expensive. They were owned mainly by gentry and noblemen...


The palfrey was a gaited horse, designed to be a comfortable ride over long distances...

So, as we have learned, Medieval courser horses could run very fast and were used to deliver messages during Medieval times. This was especially important during battles when information needed to be passed on quickly...


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