Most Expensive Show Horses

We all personally may know horses who have gone for a hefty price tag, but have you ever wondered what the most expensive show horse was sold for?...


How Much Money Was Spent On The Most Expensive Show Horse Ever Sold?

1. Dressage 2. Show Jumping 3. Racehorse Prospect 


Coming in at the top of the list in the Dressage world – Totilas. You may remember hearing about this horse due to his controversial sale and recent passing...

Show Jumping 

Palloubet D’Halong tops the board as the most expensive horse in the showjumping world...

Racehorse Prospect 

Are you still wondering how much money was spent on the most expensive show horse ever sold?...

Think you’re ready to make a bid on the next million-dollar horse? While we all try to recover from our sticker shock, it’s also nice to take a minute to remember these great horses and all they have given to their disciplines.


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