Mustang Horse Top Speed Revealed!

Talk about fast horses, and most of us automatically think about Thoroughbreds! But of course, there are many other fast breeds of horses, including the Mustang. But how fast is the Mustang horse top speed?


What Is A Mustang Horse?

Many people say that the Mustang is a wild horse, but that is not true. Mustangs are descended from horses that were once domesticated.

Are Mustang Horses Fast?

With horses that live in the wild, it can be difficult to find out how fast they can truly run.

How Fast Is A Mustang Horse?

For a small horse, the Mustang can pull off some pretty impressive speeds. Their average speed at a gallop is between 25 and 30 mph.

What Is The Mustang Horse Top Speed Over A Short Distance?

So a Mustang can gallop comfortably for considerable distances at around 30 mph. But can they go faster than this?

How Does Mustang Horse Speed Compare To Other Horse Breeds?

For a smaller breed, the Mustang ranks relatively high when it comes to speed! In fact, the Mustang is the 6th fastest breed of horse in the world. The only horses which have been recorded as faster than the Mustang are: ...

So, as we have learned, the Mustang is a feral horse that is capable of some impressive top speeds. Over short distances, the Mustang can reach speeds of 55 miles per hour. 


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