My Mare Foaled: How Soon Can You Get Back In The Saddle?

One of the hardest parts about breeding is the anticipation of getting back in the saddle if your broodmare doubles as your riding mount. But how soon can you ride your mare after foaling?


Mare Health

Your mare’s post-baby health greatly depends on the actual birthing process, as well as her condition prior to and during pregnancy. Horses’ abdomens will actually decrease back to ...


Assuming your mare had a complication-free birth and is conditioned enough to resume work, it is important to analyze your riding facility conditions.


Some owners opt out of riding entirely until weaning. Going back to work may also serve as a healthy distraction during the weaning process. For some mares, it may help dry up the remaining ...

Because there are so many variables when resuming riding, you will have to make the final decision on when to ride again. Riding a mare with a new foal is not an uncommon practice.


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