Natural Treatment for Ringbone in Horses

All about Ringbone in Horses. One of the most frustrating experiences in owning a horse is arriving at the barn, just to find your horse lame. And this can be very disheartening if your horse’s lameness is due to the progressive nature of ringbone.


What is Ringbone?

It is one of the most common forms of arthritis found in horses. It is a broad term used to describe osteoarthritis of the coffin joint (known as low ringbone,) or the pastern joint (known as high ringbone). 

Types of Ringbone

There are basically two types of ringbone, the Articular and Periarticular ringbone.

Articular ringbone affects the surface of the joint, the cartilage, and the lining, as a result, enlarging the joint, causing pain and stiffness to the horse.

Signs and Symptoms of Ringbone in Horses

∙Intermittent lameness ∙Swelling around the pastern or coronary band ∙Hot or painful to touch areas ∙Reluctance to lift legs, or to have feet picked ...

There are many natural and holistic treatments to slow the progress of ringbone, and to keep your horse comfortable.

One of them is in maintaining a healthy weight and giving your horse plenty of rest. Even though your horse may benefit from turnout, or consistent low impact exercise, nevertheless, movement stimulates circulation and decreases inflammation of the joint. 

While a diagnosis of ringbone can be disheartening for both, you and your horse, it is no longer the tragic news it once was. There are many options available to slow the progression of the disease and to help keep your horse free of pain. If you can detect and address the disease early enough, your horse may stay sound for years to come. 


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