Natural Wild Horse Hooves

Have you ever wondered what happens to natural wild horse hooves? After all, our domesticated horses need regular attention from the farrier to keep their hooves in shape, so why don’t wild horses have these problems?


How Do Natural Wild Horse Hooves Stay In Shape?

Wild horses have to constantly forage for food, and will be eating poor-quality roughage. 

Are Wild Horse Feet Different From Domesticated Horse Feet?

Wild horse feet tend to be much tougher than domesticated horse feet. The constant movement of the horse stimulates the growth of strong hoof horn, which is worn into the  . . .

How To Care For Horses Feet In The Most Natural Way

One Word Of Caution – If you are planning on changing your farriery routine to a barefoot method, this does not mean that you simply take your horse’s shoes off . . .

Natural wild horse hooves do not get overgrown as they live very differently to domesticated horses. A wild horse will travel for many miles each day in search of food, often over rough terrain. This wears the hooves down and keeps them in shape.


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