Horse Anatomy Stifle Hip And Pelvis Explained!

The skeletal system of a horse is very complex, and horse anatomy stifle hip and pelvis is one of the hardest working areas of the body. Let’s take a look at these incredible structures in more detail!


Why Is Horse Anatomy Stifle Hip And Pelvis Important?

The hind limb of a horse is an incredibly powerful and versatile part of the horse’s body. 

Horse Hip And Pelvis Anatomy

The pelvis of a horse attaches the hind limbs to the spinal column. At the top of the pelvis is the sacroiliac joint; this is a relatively stable joint with very minimal movement.

Horse Anatomy Stifle Hip

At the bottom end of the femur, we have the horse’s stifle joint. This joint connects the femur to the tibia and fibula.

The strong bones in the horse’s hind legs are capable of propelling them at high speeds, with the help of the flexible joints of the stifle and hips.


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