Parts Of A Horse Head Explained!

Have you ever wondered what are the different parts of a horse head? The head of a horse is a truly wonderful piece of anatomy, uniquely adapted to enable a horse to survive in the wild.


Horse Head Anatomy Explained

The horse’s head is relatively large in comparison to other species of mammals. In a large horse, the head can weigh as much as 16 kilograms. However, there ...

What Are The Different Parts Of A Horse Head?

The best way to describe the different parts of a horse’s head is to break it down into bones, cavities, and muscles.

Muscles Of The Horses Head

The horse’s head is not particularly muscular, as it does not need to carry weight like other parts of the body. However, the horse does need to chew tough vegetation for ...

The head of a horse is large in proportion to the body compared to most other types of mammals. Horses have different shaped heads according to their breed and type.


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