Percheron Vs Clydesdale Size – Which Is Bigger?

With their huge bodies, feathered legs, and floating mane and tail, both breeds are an impressive sight which any horse lover would appreciate.


Percheron Horse Vs Clydesdale Horse – What Is The Difference?

Percherons and Clydesdale horses are two of the gentle giants of the horse world. They are both known as draft breeds; this refers to ...

Percheron Vs Clydesdale Size – Which Is Bigger?

So, we’re talking about two of the true giants of the equine world here! But when it comes to Percheron vs Clydesdale size, which of these is the ...

Clydesdale Vs Percheron – Which Is Taller?

So, Percheron horses might be slightly heavier than Clydesdales, but does this mean that they are taller?


The Percheron is the smaller of the two breeds but is slightly heavier than a Clydesdale. This breed is more finely built and has less feathering on the legs. Percherons are regarded as ...

The Clydesdale has a thick-set and muscular body and is taller than the Percheron. This powerful breed is more suited to driving than riding. Clydesdales also have a calm and placid ...


So, as we’ve learned, Clydesdale horses weigh between 1500 and 2200 pounds, and Percheron horses weigh between 1900 and 2600.


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