Pony Of The Americas Breed Information

You don’t know Pony of the Americas breed, are you a big Appaloosa fan! Me too, and I’m an even bigger pony fan. So what could be better than an Appaloosa pony? Thankfully, there is a breed that is both a pony and has Appaloosa-like coloring ...


Pony of the Americas History

EquiSearch gives a fantastic overview of the origins of this breed.  They write:  ...

Characteristics of Pony of the Americas


Ponies cannot exceed 14.2 hands.  So, Pony of the Americas typically stands between 11 and 14.2 hands tall and is known for typically being on the taller side of ponies, so most stand closer to 14 hands than 11.


Pony of the Americas, like many pony breeds, are known for being “easy keepers.” 

Weight and Size

While the exact weight of a Pony of the Americas depends on the horse and the horse’s diet,  their traditionally larger size is desirable for many reasons.


Ponies of the Americas typically come in all traditional Appaloosa patterns.  They can be blanketed, leopard, few-spot, and so on. 


Pony of the Americas is one of the most diverse pony breeds on the market today.  They excel in both western and English disciplines.


On the western end, they have that flashy multi-color appearance that many western riders love and desire.  They are calm and easy-going on the trail. 


Pony of the Americas is also a fan favorite in the English world.  In the hunter/jumper disciplines, ponies can only be ridden competitively by children up to the age of 18. 

Pony of the Americas really can do it all.  They are good-tempered horses that anyone can enjoy! Their beautiful coloring and easy-going demeanor make them favorites among riders, students, trainers, and judges.  Find them killing it in the pony hunters, dominating the cross country course, or getting safely ...


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