Portable Horse Corrals for Camping

Are you an avid outdoorsman that loves camping and that loves horses? Ever think about taking your horses camping with you? You should consider portable horse corrals. Sounds like a lot of fun! 


Portable Horse Corrals, Picket Lines

Picket lines are a more affordable fencing option for horses that may be used to the atmosphere of a camping trip or long trail rides.  Picket lines are more or less a rope or “line,” which runs ...

Tough-1 Picket Line Kit (2 horse or 4 horse)

Tough-1 makes a picket line kit that comes in a 2-horse or a 4-horse option. Both the 2-horse and 4-horse options come in brown and blaze orange.  Blaze orange is helpful in the case that you are ...

EZ Picket is a company that specializes in picket lines, unlike Tough-1 who makes a large variety of equine products. The EZ Picket also comes in two colors; brown and blaze orange, for the same ...

Portable Fencing, Portable Horse Corrals

While picket lines are great for horses that are used to being tied and used to camping environments, not all horses are this way.  Frequently, the best way to introduce horses to camping is to keep ...

Portable Horse Corrals, Semi-Permanent Horse Quikfence

Quikfence is essentially a temporary rolled fence with built-in posts.  If there is a power source, Quikfence is electrifiable. It is a plastic mesh fencing with thicker plastic posts.  

SmartPak 12’x12’ Travel Stall

SmartPak’s 12’x12’ Travel Stall is significantly different from the Quikfence.  It is made out of four folding panels of steel tubing.

As you can see, there are many options available to you when you decide to take your horses camping! Accounting for their experience and safety will lead you to pick the product that best suits your situation.


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