Quarter Horse Top Speed – How Fast Can They Go?

When anyone mentions fast horses, we automatically think of Thoroughbreds! But there are many other speedy breeds of horse, including the Quarter Horse. But just how fast is the Quarter Horse top speed?


What Are Quarter Horses?

The American Quarter horse is one of the most popular and oldest breeds of horse in North America. 

Why Are Quarter Horses So Fast?

The reason that Quarter Horses are so fast comes down to their physical characteristics.

How Fast Does A Quarter Horse Run?

Most breeds of horse gallop at around 25 to 30 miles per hour, which is plenty fast enough for most of us!

How Fast Is A Quarter Horse Top Speed?

The Quarter Horse has the proud title of being the fastest horse in the world! 

Is Any Other Horse Faster Than A Quarter Horse?

The Quarter Horse tops the list of the fastest horses in the world because it can reach incredibly high speeds over short distances.

So, as we have learned, the Quarter horse is a speedy and agile breed of horse that is capable of some incredible top speeds. Over short distances, the Quarter Horse top speed is 55 miles per hour. 


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