Questions To Ask When Leasing A Horse

Leasing is a great option for both seasoned and new horse owners alike. For a multitude of reasons, purchasing a horse might not be an ideal option at this point in your life.


Most Common Questions to Ask When Leasing a Horse

1. What is your Reasoning?

Although this seems like an obvious one, it is important to ask yourself why you want to lease a horse. 

2. What is “Inside” vs “Outside”?

Many expenses can be considered “inside” or “outside” lease expenses. This means the inside costs are within the least and the leaser is responsible for paying these expenses.

3. What is the Cost Split of Expenses in Horse Leasing?

Once inside and outside costs are determined, the contract should clearly state the split of expenses.

4. Lease Length: Is the Lease Renewable?

A lease needs to have a specific start and end date both parties agree to. If there is a chance you may want to re-up a lease ...

5. What is Considered a Maintenance Expense you are Responsible for?

Most leases will require the leaser to cover regular maintenance expenses. 

6. Who is Reviewing the Contract when Leasing a Horse?

Are you reading the contract and signing away? Or is your trainer assisting you? We recommend paying the small fee ...

7.  Is there a Trial Period?

Even with a leased horse, trial periods can save you a headache later on. 

8. Are there Restrictions for Horse Usage?

Some leases do not allow horses to be used at the leaser’s disposal. For example, leasing a broodmare (for breeding purposes) ...

Leasing is a big decision! For more information on leasing or the projected costs, click here. If you have friends with horses, be sure to share this article!


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