Red And Black Horse Base Coat Colors Explained

There is a myriad of horse coat colors out there, but did you know that a red and black horse color forms the base coat of all horses?


Black And Red Horse Coat Colors Explained

The creation of a horse’s base coat color is actually very simple and requires just one pair of genes.

Red Horse Breed And Types

Red horses come in many different shades, from the rich, deep liver chestnut color to the bright and vibrant flaxen chestnut. 

Common Black Horse Breeds

Although black is one of the basic horse colors, they are not as common as you might think. 

How Do You Get A Two Colored Horse?

This happens when the horse also inherits other genes, called color modifiers. 

Dilution Genes

Dilution genes lighten the base coat color of the horse, creating some interesting shades

Grey Genes

The gene that causes grey coat coloring is a dominant gene ...

Roan Colorings

A horse with roan coloring will have white hairs mixed evenly through the coat.

White Markings

The white markings on a horse are the result of one of many different modifier genes.

So, as we have learned, all horses have a base coat color that is created by a specific set of red and black horse color genes.


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