Red Around Horses Sheath

 Let’s take a look at what red around horses sheath might mean, and find out everything you need to know about keeping your male horses’ sheath in good condition!


What Is The Sheath On A Horse?

The sheath of the horse is the soft skin that surrounds the penis when it is retracted. This keeps the penis safe from dirt, flies, and potential injury. 

Only male horses – geldings, colts, and stallions – have a sheath. The inner section of the sheath contains a complex balance of bacteria, which produces a dark sticky substance called smegma. 

Routine Care Of Male Horses Sheath – Red Around Horses Sheath

Antiseptic or antibacterial washes will remove all bacteria from the sheath, giving the opportunity for bacteria that are normally not present to colonize the sheath. 

Red Around Horses Sheath – What Does It Mean?

The penis of a horse is a pinky-red color, and this may be all you are seeing. However, if the outer lining of the sheath looks red and sore, you may need to investigate further.

Red around horses sheath can indicate that they have skin irritation or infection of the sheath and penis. This may require veterinary treatment, as this area is very difficult to apply medications to. 


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