Riding Instructor Certification: Is it Necessary?

If you have a passion for horseback riding and teaching, riding instructor may be the job for you. So, do you need a riding instructor certification in order to give lessons?


Do You Need A Riding Instructor Certification To Teach Riding Lessons?

In most European countries, there are legal requirements to have a riding instructor certification in order to teach riding lessons.

How Do You Get A Riding Instructor Certification?

In America, there are various programs that equestrians can participate in to earn a riding instructor certification. These programs not only give ...

The American Riding Instructors Association

The American Riding Instructors Association, or ARIA, offers one of the largest riding certification programs. Applicants can choose from fifteen ...

Certified Horsemanship Association

Through the Certified Horsemanship Association, or CHA, applicants will come to a test center where they will teach practice lessons, participate in workshops, ...

Depending on where you work and the individual barn, you may need to get a riding instructor certification. However, many riding instructors in America get their experience from a college degree or apprenticeship.


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