Shetland Pony Lifespan Facts And Figures Revealed!

The Shetland pony has been a popular family pet for many decades and is often ridden by two generations of children in the same family. This small but powerful breed of horse is notorious for its long lifespan, but just how many years does a Shetland pony live for?


What Are Shetland Ponies?

The Shetland pony is a very famous small breed of horse, originating from the United Kingdom. 

Shetland Pony Appearance And Temperament

Shetland ponies come in a wide range of coat colors, although the most common are black, brown, and bay. They have sturdy and thickset bodies and short but strong legs.

How Long Do Shetland Ponies Live?

The strange thing is that for many species of animal, smaller breeds have a longer lifespan than larger breeds. A good example of this is different breeds of dogs. Small terrier breeds . . .

What Factors Affect A Shetland Pony Lifespan?

• Obesity -   are adapted to survive in tough and difficult conditions with very little food. • Laminitis - overeating can lead to many health problems in Shetland ponies, and one of these is laminitis. 

• Dental Problems - due to their small size. It is common for the teeth to be overcrowded in the jaw, leading to difficulty chewing. • Hepatic Lipidosis - Shetland ponies store large amounts of energy as fat.

So, as we have learned, a Shetland pony lifespan can be up to between 30 and 35 years old. A fit and healthy Shetland pony can outlive a larger horse by at least five years.


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