Short Horse Mane Care

Just like humans, horses come in a range of different hairstyles! For some breeds, a short horse mane is fashionable, while other horse owners shorten their horse’s mane for practical reasons. Let’s find out all about short horse mane care!


Why Do Some Horses Have Short Manes?

Horses have two different types of hair on their body. The first of these is the hair on their body, often referred to as the coat. These are short, fine hairs, that only grow to a certain length before being shed or molted.

Short Mane Horse Breeds

Some breeds of horses will naturally have a short mane. This means that the hair does not grow beyond a certain length before it falls out. 

What To Consider After Adopting

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Techniques used to create a short horse mane include pulling the hairs out, thinning the mane with scissors, or clipping the entire mane off with clippers.


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