Signs Of Neurological Problems In Horses

There is a lot more to owning a horse than what meets the eye. Horse owners must know how to properly care and feed their horse. They must also be familiar with what behavioral changes are considered normal to be able to detect signs of neurological problems in horses.


Neurological Disorders – Is this Behavior Common?

Neurological disorders are more common in horses than one would think. Many neurological disorders are hard to diagnose. They have similar symptoms or mimic symptoms of another bacterial or viral disease.

Evaluation of Possible Neurological Disorder

A physical examination of your horse from a veterinarian is essential when trying to determine if a neurological disorder is present. 

Most Common Neurological Diseases in Horses

* CSM: wobbler syndrome

* EPM: contaminated feed

* EMND: Vitamin E deficiency

* EHM: “stroke-like”

Other Diseases

Rabies is the only disease that is currently transmittable between humans and horses and vise versa. Other neurological diseases to become familiar with would be Lyme Disease, . . .

Neurological diseases need to be addressed as soon as possible. In many cases the longer the disease goes untreated, the risk of death increases significantly. Symptoms that occur with these diseases have multiple signs of a disorder, only in rare instances has only one symptom at the time of diagnosis. 


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