Spring Shots For Horses Explained

Before you know it, spring will be here again, which means it will be time for your horse’s vaccinations! But when it comes to spring shots for horses, which ones do they need?


What Is A Vaccine?

Vaccines are injections that are given to your horse to give them immunity from certain diseases. They must be administered at specific times and at the correct intervals for them to be effective. 

Why Do Horses Need Vaccination?

It is very important to get your horse vaccinated to protect your horse against some very dangerous and potentially fatal diseases. Even a horse that lives alone should be . . .

Why Is A Vaccine Schedule For Horses Necessary?

One thing that is quite complicated when it comes to horse vaccinations is that some need to be given at specific times of the year and others can be administered at any time.

What Are The Essential Horse Spring Shots?

 Equine Influenza •  West Nile Virus  Equine Herpes Virus  Tetanus  Equine Viral Arteritis  Rabies

What Other Spring Vaccines For Horses Can Be Given?

 Potomac Horse Fever  Rabies  Equine Viral Arteritis  Equine Influenza

These include the vaccinations for Eastern and Western Equine Encephalomyelitis and West Nile Virus. These are often combined with tetanus vaccination, meaning that the horse needs just one vaccination per year.


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