Symptoms Of Ulcers In Horses

Ulcers are one of the most common ailments to occur in horses. Horses young and old, active, and inactive may experience ulcers. Some horses even experience them several times.


Symptoms of Ulcers in Horses

Ulcers are the result of erosion on the lining of the stomach. They occur most often in racehorses, but they can affect any horses. When horses exercise, the acidic fluid found in their stomach splashes . . .

Common Symptoms of Equine Ulcers

Some of the top symptoms include poor appetite, poor coat, change in attitude, reluctance to preform, change in performance, weight loss, and loose stool. Some horses may lay done more frequently, appear dull, and even have mild colic.

Prevention and Treatment

One of the top ways to prevent them is to feed horses frequently, provide slow feeders, or allow free choice, such as pasture. This will help buffer acid in the stomach and encourage salivation.  

No More Ulcers

Ulcers can happen to any horse. Though often subtle, there are several symptoms that can occur from ulcers. However, there are several ways to prevent them from happening and treat them.

Understanding the symptoms of ulcers in horses is important, as they can be a common occurrence that can be very uncomfortable for them. There are several things that may cause ulcers to form in horses. They can affect horses of any age or breed.


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