How Tall Is The Biggest Percheron Horse In The World?

Find Out If It's Still Alive

Percheron horses are one of the most beautiful large horse breeds and have many fans around the world. These magnificent giant horses are not only incredibly tall but have a gentle nature.


What Is A Percheron Horse?

The Percheron horse is a type of horse called a draft horse. A draft horse is a large and strong breed, traditionally used for farm work and pulling heavy loads. In ...

How Are Horses Measured?

Like many things in the equine world, the way horses are measured is not straightforward! You will never hear the height of a horse referred to in feet and ...

How Tall Are Percheron Horses?

So, if Percheron horses are not as heavily built as other draft breeds, does this mean they are not as tall?

How Tall Is The Biggest Percheron Horse?

Unfortunately, there are no records currently available to tell us who the tallest living Percheron horse in the world is. However, there have been some ...

So, as we have learned, the tallest Percheron horse on record was 21.2 hands high, just half an inch smaller than the tallest horse ever!


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