The Best Fly Spray For Horses

Whether a seasoned horse owner or new to livestock, the fight against flies and other biting insects can feel like an uphill battle. With companies constantly rolling out new fly control products, it might be hard to decide what to choose as the best fly spray for horses. 


Fly Spray for Horses Options


1. Direct spray (bottle or   aerosol)

2. Roll-on (liquid or gel)

3. Wipe-On (glove, mitt, or    cloth)

These are the three primary methods of application:


Fly sprays utilize both natural and synthetic ingredients. The most common active ingredients used are pyrethrins and permethrin ... 

Sprays are available in water-based or oil-based formulas. For horses with sensitive skin, oil-based formulas can be irritating.

Formula Base

Top 7 Picks: Best Fly Spray for Horses

With endless options on the market, it may be hard to narrow down the selection to choose from.

1. Pyranha Wipe n’   Spray

Pyranha makes several top products for insect and flies spray. 

UltraShield EX is the strongest formula from the Absorbine lineup. It contains both pyrethrins and permethrin (.5%), and piperonyl butoxide.

2. Absorbine   UltraShield Ex

3. Absorbine   UltraShield Red

UltraShield Red is next up in the UltraShield lineup, featuring five active ingredients that last up to one week after application.

Horse owners and pet owners alike rave over this natural alternative to regular fly sprays.

4. Pyranha Zero-Bite-    Fly Repellent for    horses

5. Farnam Tri-Tec 14    horse fly spray

Farnam has a diverse lineup of fly sprays. The Tri-Tec 14 is available as a continuous spray, regular spray, and pourable bulk refill bottle. 

If it has gone unnoticed, the entire UltraShield line delivers powerful and effective fly sprays to meet all needs. 

6. Absorbine    UltraShield Green-    Horse Fly Repellent

7. Farnam Repel-X pe

Farnam’s Repel-X pe is a fly spray staple in many barns, especially training stables with multiple horses. A single pint of concentrate will make a gallon of finished fly spray! Repel X is an economical choice containing prallethrin and piper butoxide, available in several sizes.

Fly control will not only provide your horses with comfort, but it will also assist in the prevention of blood-borne diseases carried by biting insects. With so many options on the market, horse owners can now easily find their ideal fly spray to assist in their insect control program.


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