The Best Horse Hair Style

Whether for horse shows or simply to keep your horse cool and clean, many people use a horse hair style for their horse’s mane and tail. 


Choosing the Best Horse Hair Style

If your horse has a long, thick mane, braiding it can help keep your horse cool and comfortable in hot weather.

Mane Hair Styles

Button Braids – Horse Hair Style - They are neat, small braids that often use a thread and needle to form a small ball. Hunter Braids - keep a horse’s mane neat while out on a hunt. 

Mane Hair Styles

Running Braid -  great for everyday use on your horse. Continental Braid – Horse Hair Style - also called diamond or macrame braids. Straight Braids - Straight braids are simple and straightforward.

Mane Hair Styles

Roach – Horse Hair Style -A roached mane is a mane that is shaved off.  Pulling -   is commonly done on hunter/jumpers and dressage horses.

Tail Hair Styles

Tail Braid – Horse Hair Style - for practical purposes begins below the tail bone and goes all the way to the bottom of the tail.  Fishtail - This creates an elegant look that is great for the show ring. 

Effective Horse Hair Braiding Techniques

Keeping a horse with braids is done for many reasons such as show, comfort and to prevent tangles. There are many great hair styles you can try on your horse’s mane and tail.

Not only do these hair styles look good, but they are also practical. Even if you don’t have any experience with styling hair, you can get the hang of creating these styles with a bit of practice. 


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