The Best Salt Block For Horses

Many new horses and livestock owners are surprised to learn their animals need salt. After all, salt is an essential nutrient which the body is not capable of producing. Luckily we have done our research to help you choose the best salt block for horses.


Purpose of Salt Block for Horses

Salt blocks were created as a sodium chloride source for horses and the most common form of supplementation.


Salt blocks are best used as a “free-choice” item. This means horses should have daily access to blocks, but under normal circumstances does need to be intentionally fed or administered.

How to Select a Salt Block

Size and location are major factors in selecting a salt block. Some owners keep larger blocks in the pasture or turnout, while others have stall blocks.

Types of Salts

* Plain Salt

*  Himalayan Salt

* Trace Mineral Blocks For Horses


Salt blocks are not the only means of supplemental salt. However, salt licks are greatly preferred because it is a free-choice item. Although adding salt to feed allows owners to directly control salt intake, etc.

Recommended Products

1. Horseman’s Pride Hanging Himalayan Rock Salt. 2. North American White Salt Block for Horses. 3. Compressed Himalayan Salt Lick.

Recommended Products

4. Herdlife Sturdy Steed Horse Mineral Salt Block with Added Selenium. 5. Purina Animal Nutrition Free Balance Block.

Recommended Products

Honorable Mention #1: Redmond Rock Crushed Loose Mineral Salt. Honorable Mention #2: Finish Line Apple-A-Day.

The final salt product chosen is typically a matter of preference. The product must not only meet storage needs (in a stall, hanging, or in a pasture pan) but must appeal to the horse.


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