The Best Treatment For Ulcers In Horses

Equine ulcers are lesions found in the mucus lining of a horse’s digestive tract. Due to the vast reasoning behind ulcer development, they can occur in any horse- so what is the best treatment for ulcers in horses?


1. Ulcergard 2. Ulc-R-Aid 3. DAC Cool Gut 4. U-Gard 5. MagnaGard

Treatment for Ulcers in Horses


Ulcergard is without a doubt the most popular and effective over-the-counter treatment for horse ulcers...


Ulc-R-Aid is one of the most economical preventative supplements available. It acts as an antacid and contains natural supplemental calcium and magnesium...

DAC Cool Gut

Formulated to support both the hindgut and foregut, DAC Cool Gut provides nutritional and colon support. The formula contains calcium carbonate and antacid DHA to help maintain the correct gut pH balance...


Corta-Flx U-Gard pellets are available in a 4lb and 10lb tub and easily administered with feed...


This is a great preventative option for picky eaters. MagnaGard is natural clay containing essential trace minerals, Omega 3s, and antioxidants...

There is no question, the best treatment method for ulcers, or any ailment, is prevention. Because ulcers are frequently “man-made” and the result of our actions as horse owners, preventative measures are typically feasible.


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