The Cost of Shoeing a Horse

When asking yourself what the cost of shoeing a horse is, a better question may be what are the potential costs of not shoeing your horse. 


Shoeing a Horse: Should Your Horse Wear One?

There are several factors to take into account when deciding if your horse should wear shoes or go barefooted. Your horse’s natural hoof health and ...

Shoeing a Horse: Is it Necessary?

As with many points of discussion in the equine world, the answer to the question ‘is shoeing a horse necessary’ depends on the actual horse. According to the ...

As stated earlier, the choice of shoeing your horse is dependent on the very horse in question. 

Why Should I Shoe My Horse?

Do Horse Shoes Hurt?

It’d interest you to know that if done properly, shoeing your horse will be one of the most pleasant thing you will ever give to your horse. Horse hooves can be compared to ...

How Much Does it Cost to Shoe a Horse?

According to the latest Farrier Bus­i­ness Practices survey conducted by American Farriers Journal, the average nationwide price for trimming four hooves and ...

How Often Does a Horse Need to See a Farrier

Horse owners typically have both their shod and barefooted horses seen by farriers every four to six weeks for maintenance.

Given the length of time between shoeing and the expertise you’re paying for, the cost of shoeing a horse can be incorporated into your horse care budget.


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